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We are excited to present original art prints, ceramic bowls, fairtrade jewelry and RevLove apparel, and new collaborations with independent artists and designers who support our vision. Proceeds from every purchase go toward funding our work at the Revolutionary Love Project. Scroll down to explore!

Original Art Prints

We are honored to collaborate with artist Kimothy Joy to create artwork for the movement. Kimothy has created custom prints that bring the spirit and message of the Revolutionary Love Project to life — 25% of every item purchased supports our work!

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T-Shirts, Hats, Buttons & More

We have your Revolutionary Love t-shirts, stickers, buttons, hats, and gear!

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“Breathe & Push” Ceramic Bowls

We are excited to present custom “Breathe and Push” prayer and meditation bowls, designed by artist Tia Tuenge at the Art of Sacred Living. Each bowl is formed by hand and infused with intention. Prices range $85 – $120. Every purchase supports our work. Contact the artist to place your order!

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Fairtrade Jewelry

Meet America’s only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler! Reflective Jewelry crafts designer jewelry from ethically-sourced materials. They will donate 20% of ANY jewelry purchase to our work. Put RLP in the code box when checking out or mention the Revolutionary Love Project in your phone order.

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We will be adding to this store in the coming months! If you have requests for items to add to the store, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do!